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Electric Power Saver - Use Power With Less Cost

Cost Saving Solution, A Breakthrough In Technology

Proven to safe within the first month
Save up to 30% of expense on electricity bill
Simply plug it in any of your home outlet and it will start saving power for you
Prolong your appliances life span and maintenance cost
Reduce temperature of wire

The Electric Power Saver also help to stabilize voltage and reduce current in your power supply. It improves the power factor by reducing the amount of electricity that is used from our utility company.

This is accomplished by supplying electricity locally at the load by the use of specially designed capacitor. These advanced capacitor store the additional electricity needed for stabilizing electric current within an inductive load.

"Power factor is the percentage of electricity that's delivered to your house and used effectively, compared to what is actually wasted. For example, a 1.0 power factor means that all the electricity that's being delivered to your home is being used effectively by your appliances. However, most homes today have a 0.75 power factor or less. This means that about 75% of the electricity that is coming through your meter at your home is being used effectively; the other 25% is being wasted by your inductive load caused by some appliances (air condition, and any other appliance with inductive load). With a low power factor, the utility company has to deliver more electricity to do the same work. Now, with EnergySaver, it helps to increase that power factor in most cases to 0.98, and increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your your meter reading."

The Electric Power Saver is just like a common household appliance that you can plug into any outlet in your home. Don't worry, it is absolutely LEGAL, approved and compliance with CE test.

It is suitable for inductive and capacitive appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, stereos, fluorescent lamps, eletric fans, televisions, computer, etc.

Technical Parameter: Rated Voltage : 90v - 250v & Rated Frequency : 50hz - 60hz


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